Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Welcome. I have created this blog to keep you informed about God's call on my life to serve in Swaziland. I will be working in conjuction with Lori Schweighardt ( to help provide psychosocial services to children in Swaziland. Lori will live there full time, sharing Christ's love with children who desperately need it. Most of the children she will be working with have multiple issues which might include AIDS, loss of one or both parents, poverty, homelessness, physical and/or sexual abuse, and neglect. These children do not even understand the concepts of love and hope, so we will be developing (a) program(s) to help them heal emotionally and spiritually in order to teach them about the love and hope that are in Jesus Christ. We will work in conjunction with existing missions that provide meals, medical care, Christian teaching, and education. Lori's expertise is with helping dying children cope with end-of-life issues. My specialties include grief and trauma work and assisting with healing from physical and sexual abuse. Most of all, we will rely on the wisdom, guidance, and provision from our Heavenly Father.
My role will include a trip there to learn more about the culture, dialogue and pray with the missionaries there, and help set up services. I will provide ongoing support services once I return to the U. S.