Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Praise and Worship

What joy--I was told I was a definite answer to prayer not once but three times! First, by Bongi, a precious young Swazi woman who leads praise and worship at LaSalette's church. Her voice puts every Gospel singer I've ever heard to shame! She had begun to teach herself piano, but needed some help, which I was happily able to easily provide. It opened a big door for her and she is now practicing diligently and is eager to share the gift in leading the church in worship! She told me that 2 days before I arrived she had cried out to God in frustration asking for His help for her to be able to play the keyboard! Oh, how humbling and amazing to be used!
Abraham, a joyful Swazi servant, helps LaSalette with the church and grounds. His faith is astounding. He shared, with a huge grin, how my visit has encouraged them all greatly because they know it is just the beginning of God's answers to prayer for what He is going to do there.
Joy and Maria, two of the cooks for whom I was blessed to be able to lead a Bible study, shyly confided that they knew I was an answer to prayer and that I came at "just the right time" because they have been so discouraged. Many mock them for the work they do in cooking for the children because children are not valued and also because they are working for a white woman. We cried and prayed together. They said I blessed them but they blessed me far more.

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