Monday, June 22, 2009

God's Call

When God calls, it is wise to answer. So we are answering: "Here we are, Lord, send us." It became abundantly clear while we were there that God wants us in Swaziland as full time missionaries. Our hearts are overflowing with a love for the Swazi people and a burning desire to serve them with our lives. Of course more than that, our hearts are overflowing with love for the Lord of the Universe who calls us His own and we desire to serve Him with all our hearts and lives and strength.

We covet your prayers as we walk this out--so many unknowns at this point. We know that God provides when He calls, but we have no idea how that will look, or what His timing is. We are also aware that, while it is exciting, there will be pain in the leaving behind of family, friends, and the only lifestyle we've ever known.

Most of all, though, we are on our knees in gratitude, surrender, joy, humility, total dependence, and awe!

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