Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Family Saved

Filemon is a remarkable man of faith, and it is our honor to call him friend. Before he accepted Jesus as his lord and savior, Filemon, like many Swazi men, had more than one wife, plus some girlfriends on the side. Since coming to Christ, he sought advice on how to honor Christ in every area of his life. He is now doing his best to care for both wives, though only living with one, to whom he is faithful. He is also taking care of 11 children from all his previous alliances, and his wife is even helping raise some of the children from the other women when the mother's themselves cannot care for the children due to illness, poverty, or disinterest. Jesus' love shines through this beautiful family as they care for one another and trust Him to provide. Filemon is a farmer and his big dream is to someday own a tractor so that all his children, who currently have to work the fields, can afford to go to school. In spite of living a life of poverty, disease, and hardship, Filemon and his family have great joy, and show us all the thank the Lord in ALL circumstances, and to "count it all joy."

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