Monday, June 4, 2012

Hambakahle--Go Well!

Joy when they come, tears when they leave, but oh, so worth it all!
We are being abundantly blessed this year with a LOT of visitors! In Feb. we had pre-pre-med student Candace here. She's interested in the medical mission field. We'd  love to have her join us when she graduates! This past month, May, two of Kay's closest friends came to encourage not only us, but also the many women they ministered to in so many wonderful ways--through sharing the Word, giving hands-on love, and just by being the special women God created them to be. This month, our cup will definitely run over and we couldn't be more excited! This week, a college classmate of Kay's and her friend will join us for a couple of eye-opening days. The following week, a team of beautiful ladies from our home church, Bridgeway Community Church, will be here for over one week. These 6 teens, 3 women, (and one dear man!) will share Bible-themed games and crafts with the kids at the care points, and most importantly, just love on the children. They will also help our church youth here as we all come alongside a community to help build a new mud hut for an elderly widow, and spend a day ministering at the hospital. During any lulls, Todd and John will hang out and do "man stuff?!" The last group this month will be three siblings, adult and almost adult children of friends of ours. This family has been instrumental in so many ways in supporting our transition here. We love you Schieke Family! They were originally from South Africa, so their love and wisdom has been invaluable over the years. What fun to get to introduce them to Swaziland, a country so close but yet to be visited by them! They have requested that we keep them busy, and indeed we will--there is ALWAYS something to do to serve here! The last planned visit (so far!) is my friend's daughter, who also happens to be my friend. She is a very gifted young lady, especially in drama and the arts, and we are really looking forward to see what creative ways God and she come up with to serve here in Aug! We know we'll have lots of fun serving the Lord with this very special young woman. 
Of course, everyone who visits gets wowed by a trip to the local game preserve--sightings of zebra, giraffes, rhinos, hippos, elephants, warthogs, lions, and much more are frequent!
We can't begin to express how much all this company means to us--God is more than enough, but sometimes the mission field is lonely, and seeing loved ones and sharing our lives here with them for a few moments means more than we can say. 
If we know you, please prayerfully consider coming yourself--we'd LOVE to have you, and we promise you won't be bored! 

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