Monday, February 16, 2015

My Shelter in the Storm

For he will hide me in his shelter in the day of trouble....Psalm 27:5a

I grew up in West Texas and thus weathered many fearsome, awe-inspiring thunderstorms. I must say, though, that even those were tame in comparison to what we experience here in our little corner of southern Africa.

A couple of days ago I ceased all labor to hold my terrified and shivering little dachshund mix in my lap during one such storm. To be honest, I was feeling much the same—not because of the storm outside my window, but because of the internal one raging in my mind and heart. I felt bombarded from all directions with needs of others demanding my attention, and the feelings of inadequacy began to weigh me down. I knew I desperately needed time away with my Father, to rest in His arms.

While I was sitting there pondering these things and crying out to my Abba, He gave me a precious gift—a simple reminder that He is my shelter and He will always take care of me. I watched as a lone bird who had obviously been caught in the storm finally found refuge in a short but leafy bush in front of my window. As I continued to watch through the storm, he remained securely lodged somewhere in the bowels of the leaves where I couldn't see him at all. But as soon as the sun reappeared, he flew safely away to do whatever he was supposed to be doing that afternoon.

Yes my Lord, you are my shelter in the storm—always, no matter what. When I am weak; you are my strength and my fortress and my strong tower, and you will never leave me nor forsake me. As you cared for that little brown bird, you care for me--only much more so, more than I can imagine.

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