Friday, May 30, 2008

Showers of Blessing

I'm trying my best to keep track of all the amazing, loving things God is doing as we prepare for Swaziland, but who can keep up with a God who lavishly gives to His children? Anyway, some highlights:

*Kathie Kelly, a friend who teaches art classes professionally, has offered to come give Jeremy 3
two-hour sessions while I'm gone as part of his homeschool curriculum.
*I was stung by a scorpion last Sun. in between church services--like Lori said, "How obvious can
Satan get?!" I was able to laugh in his face as soon as it happened! And while my whole left side
was pretty much numb and useless all day, after the initial sting I had NO pain!
*Another dear friend, who I'm sure would prefer to remain anonymous (sorry--thank you Carol!) gave
me $100 to spend for a treat for myself. Others continue to give me cash and useful gifts up to the
last minute.
*Other precious sisters and brothers have joyfully agreed to be emergency contacts for Jeremy while
I'm gone.
*Two churches besides my own are having all their kids lift up our prayer requests weekly until we

I could go on and on--no way to completely list all your kindnesses--thank you Father for being so incredible and putting such incredible people in my life!

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