Wednesday, May 21, 2008

More Prayer Requests, and Praises of God's Extravagant Love!

Oh boy, how do I say this? I'm so grateful to you all for your faithfulness in prayer. I'm embarrassed to add a lot more to the list I sent last week, but there are so many things on my heart. Mostly, of course, please just pray as the Holy Spirit leads you, but in addition to the other list I sent, here are some more specific requests. Some of them were suggested by experienced missionary friends. (Thank you Kathy and Lisa!)

*Please pray for my counseling clients while I'm gone, and for Tom and Doreen Strohm of Jesus
Cares Ministries who will be covering in any emergencies.
*My family while I'm gone, including my 2 dogs!
*Health while I'm there--of some concern is the fact that I was advised NOT to get certain
immunizations due to allergies, including the Hepatitis B and C.
*I will be doing a grief workshop 2 days after I return. Please pray for adequate rest and prep for that.
*That I will be sensitive to the missionaries there--I want to be a blessing and not a drain.
*That I will be able to gather info on specific water needs and options for us to help--3 men
separately but at the same time felt the call to see what we can do. Blessings to my husband
John, Bob Lehman, and Durrell--a friend of Lori's--for their hearts to minister in this way.
*Peace and patience during difficult airport terminal situations, layovers, etc.
*Cultural sensitivity.
*Culture shock both going and coming home.
*Transition back into my family, daily routine after such a life-changing experience.
*Glorifying God in EVERY situation.

Praise reports:
So many--God is taking care of the smallest details in ways far better than Lori and I could ever imagine! For example, if I could have the biggest desire of my heart (outside of ministry) in Africa it would be to go to a game preserve. Due to the extreme generosity and gracious hospitality of Theronda's family, I'll be going to one with her family! God has provided for every need financially, and so many have blessed me with little and big gifts of things I will need for my travels. Most of all, I praise God for all of you and your support and love.

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