Saturday, January 10, 2009


We have recieved our first donation for this year's trip--and probably the most precious one we will recieve. One of my beloved students, Mya Carrizosa, came to her lesson and literally dumped the entire contents of her piggy bank on my desk. She apologized because it was "only" $6.68. I reassured her that God will use her funds and multiply them for His glory. Of course I cried, and later John got tears in his eyes when I told them the story. Mya did this as an assignment for AWANAS--to help a missionary--but obvioulsy went way above and beyond--giving to Christ EVERYTHING she had saved--not withholding even a penny. I don't know if Mya knows the story of the widow's mite, but I do, and I know God will richly bless this precious young woman for her faith. She sure humbled us--how can we give less than our all after the lesson from this generous child?

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