Thursday, March 11, 2010

Singing God's Praises!

God has been moving in so many glorious ways--time to give him some praise! Here are the joyous  answers to prayer we were able to shower our prayer team with this month. We serve an amazing God:

The rummage sale was extravagantly successful! There were so many contributions, from our church members as well as the community, that we couldn't even put everything out at once--our sanctuary and some of the classrooms were full to overflowing, plus the big items that were sold outside!
A dear friend donated really cool t-shirts for all the volunteers to wear with our website, theme scripture (James 1:27) and a design involving an African tree created by John and a youth from our church.
A grand total of over $4,000 was raised!
Another couple, friends from church, blew our socks off by saying God has led them to share the bulk of a foundation (started after the death of their infant son) for the work in Swaziland.
As a result of the newspaper articles, several people sought us out at the sale. One was a woman from another church who asked us if we'd like to come share about Swaziland at her church.
Another couple--husband is a doctor and wife is a nurse--came to meet us and expressed interest in working together in the future. They do short term medical missions in Africa and seemed excited about the possibility of coming to Swaziland.
We watched many, many acts of kindness exhibited at the sale--our church volunteers truly did share the joy of the Lord with the community.
Former work contacts/friends of John's donated some very professional pamphlets for distribution, and a fabulous and very professional video for us to use at presentations.
Some of these same friends also helped us develop a really neat logo.
We have had overt a dozen prospective buyers come look at our house over the past month.
More friends have committed to giving us monthly support, and the one-time donations continue to come in.
We were blessed by a visit from cousins (a couple and their 3 adult kids) from CA who visited our church, took us to lunch, spent 3 hours helping us get the house ready to put on the market, prayed with us, and wrote us a check--this was on a spontaneous weekend getaway for their family!
We've found a great agency who helps with moving pets around the world--many of my overblown anxieties have been removed. 
Swaziland has now passed a law that says every child is entitled to free education.
Swaziland has passed legislation that enables some women to be able to own property in their own names.

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