Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Rambling Thoughts of New Missionary

I’m so excited to be here at last….God has given me such a love for these people….What do you mean the electricity is out?!...Lord, please use me as you see fit today—I only want to glorify you….Whoa, I didn’t know God made insects that big!...Whew, I didn’t realize just day-to-day living here would be so hard and uncomfortable and inconvenient….What a glorious sunset….It is just too painful to see people in so much physical and spiritual pain day in and day out—I don’t think I can take it….I miss my old home and all its comforts and I miss my friends and family—I want my old life back….What do you mean the electricity is off again?!!....Lord, you are amazing—I’m so grateful for your Word speaking life to me each and every day….What do you mean we have no running water today? It’s not like the stuff tastes or looks that great, but….Thank you Lord for allowing me to see beautiful glimpses of how you are using us here—thank you for the joy of sharing who you are others….I’m scared….You are my rock and my shelter and my hiding place….When I am weak you are strong….I am SO glad someone is praying for me right now!....Ho hum, the electricity is off again….Those monkeys on the side of the road are cracking me up!....Thank you Lord for health, shelter, food, clothing, and water to drink—please help all my neighbors who are lacking in these….Please, oh please, oh please, Lord, let me NOT see a black mamba this summer….I’m hot and tired—why is it, Lord, that you called me here??? Is this some mistake?....Oh, Father, I am so grateful to you for sending so much encouragement my way, and confirmation after confirmation that we are on your designated path for us….Help! I’m lost on a dirt road somewhere in the middle of Africa!....Thank you Jesus, I am found…..

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