Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Obstacles in the Road

 Obstacles in the US tended to be slow drivers in front of us, hitting every red light, and rerouting due to fender-benders during rush hour traffic. Here, obstacles tend to be cows and goats, huge potholes, and getting stuck in deep mud after frequent rains. But obstacles are obstacles, and when we want to reach our perceived goal, in our desired time, they are frustrating and can even make us angry or lose hope.

Our biggest goal here has been to open up a children’s home for a handful of this nation’s approximately 100,000 orphans. We have hit many obstacles in the road. Costs are far higher than we anticipated. Trying to find skilled labor in order to provide much-needed jobs for locals has proven very difficult. There have been many rain delays. Communication issues often remind us of the curse of the Tower of Babel. Yes, we have become frustrated as we’d hoped to open the home over a year ago.

But praise the Lord, we serve a God who is faithful, and whose timing is perfect. We will have the grand opening of the children’s home this month! We know we will likely hit more snags in the road before we can actually hire a housemother and fill the home with the laughter of precious children. But we serve a mountain-moving, miracle-working God so we know HE will make a way! He overcomes all obstacles. His timing, His glory!

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