Wednesday, March 6, 2013

He Washes Us Whiter Than Snow

I am being blessed!
I was wearing a black skirt. At the last minute we decided we needed to take our dachshund-mix Barney with us in the car for the 90-min. journey due to things happening at the house during our absence. As you can imagine, by the time we reached the community where I was to teach a Bible study, my skirt was completely coated with reddish-brown hair. I tried my best to clean up, but was unable to make much progress and finally just gave up, hoping the ladies wouldn’t be offended by my filthy attire.

I was early, so I sat at the care point with the women waiting there, and was immediately surrounded by a bunch of small children all vying for my attention. One little girl innocently began picking the hairs off of my skirt, one by one. I gave her a big smile. That was all it took. The others noticed the “favor” I was bestowing on her, and in no time at all I had about 20 small hands eagerly picking all the hair off my skirt. I was giggling uncontrollably (hey, it tickled!) which set them to doing the same. It literally must have been under 3 min. before my skirt was completely picked clean!

I loved the creative way the Lord resolved my dilemma; I never in a million years could have dreamed up such a scenario! I must trust him that when the “cleaning process” of my heart does not feel quite so delightful, He still knows the best way. I am thankful that he patiently continues to wash the filth away from me, whatever it takes!

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