Thursday, October 3, 2013

Two Boys and a Pair of Shoes

A few months ago we were sharing at a small home church in the U.S. about all that God is doing here in Swaziland. There was a young boy (maybe 10 years old?) in attendance, listening raptly as we described not only the challenges here including poverty, but also how God has been teaching us about true giving through the generosity of those we serve, though they have so very little. At the end of our talk, the boy rushed up to me with his own, very nice, shoes in his hands and thrusted them at me, begging me to take them to some boy his age in need here in Africa. Of course, I felt I needed to clear this wonderful generosity first through his grandma, a friend of mine, who had brought him. She readily agreed without a moment's hesitation. I had the joy of being able to give the shoes to another wonderful young boy, the child of a friend of mine here in Swaziland. I truly am not sure who was the
most blessed of us all. “It is more blessed to give than to receive.”

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