Monday, August 12, 2013

Jesus Cares

I don't even have a photo. It was one of those poignant moments captured only in my memory. It was a cold winter day here in Swaziland. I was hosting a team from Johannesburg who were here to serve in some of the poor rural villages where we minister. In one day, this team transformed at care point where impoverished children get 2 hot meals a day into a beautiful and vibrant place. They painted flowers and happy faces and sweet verses all over the walls in vibrant colors. I was sitting on a cold, hard bench when a little girl, about two years old, crawled onto my lap. I noticed that she, like most of the kids at the care point, had no shoes or warm clothes. She was dressed in an adorable but filthy little dress, but nothing else. Her little bare legs and feet were freezing, so I cuddled her as best as I could and massaged her cold limbs. She promptly fell asleep on my lap, a precious bundle hopefully feeling warm and safe for a few moments. I learned that she is an orphan and lives with her granny. Granny has to spend her days working in the fields trying to make ends meet and must leave her tiny granddaughter unattended. One of the women working with the team managed to get some donated shoes for the child and I was able to deliver them today, two days later. Jesus cares.

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